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Research Fellow in Atmospheric Science, University of East Anglia

After completing a PhD in Marine Biogeochemistry at the University of Newcastle I joined the Atmospheric Chemistry Group at the University of East Anglia where I am currently a Research Fellow and a member of staff with the National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS).

I have participated in several NERC and EU funded research projects largely based on making high-precision measurements of the concentrations of atmospheric trace gases, including sulphur hexafluoride, using state-of-the-art instrumentation. Through this, I have been involved in fieldwork around the world (e.g. SE Asia, North America) involving ground-based campaigns, research aircraft and research ships.

Since 2014 I have been the coordinator of the UEA’s and NCAS Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory (WAO) located on the North Norfolk coast which forms part of NERCs national capability in long-term atmospheric observations, including greenhouse gases and gases related to air quality. The long-term observations at Weybourne have proved important in Weybourne gaining international recognition as a WMO Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) regional station. In addition, our greenhouse gas measurements at Weybourne are part of the Integrated Carbon Observation Network (ICOS), a pan-European Research Infrastructure that provides high quality, harmonised data on the cycles of carbon and other greenhouse gases.


  • 2014–present
    Associate research scientist, National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences
  • 2008–present
    Associate research scientist, University of East Anglia


  • 2006 
    University of Newcastle upon Tyne, PhD

Professional Memberships

  • Royal Medical Society