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I am interested in a range of research topics related to sleep and circadian rhythms, including the following…
• effects of sleep restriction/deprivation on neurobehavioural performance.
• effects of chronic sleep loss on health (e.g. diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression).
• effects of irregular sleep/wake patterns on the circadian system.
Simulator-based (road/rail/aviation/medicine):
• comparative effects of fatigue and alcohol intoxication on efficiency/safety.
• effects of fatigue on expert decision-making.
• use of counter-measures to minimise/mitigate fatigue-related impairment.
• effects of irregular duty schedules on sleep, alertness, and neurobehavioural performance (e.g. rural/urban train drivers, long-haul truck drivers).
• effects of domestic and international flight schedules on sleep, alertness, and neurobehavioural performance (e.g. Boeing 737, 767, 747, 744 pilots).
• relationships between training loads, sleep quality/quantity, and sports performance in elite athletes (e.g. AFL footballers, Olympic swimmers).
E-based:• computer models to predict the work-related fatigue associated with irregular duty schedules.
• use of wearable devices to monitor sleep quality/quantity.
• use of apps to minimise travel fatigue and jetlag associated with long-haul flight.


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    Professor , CQUniversity Australia