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My work researches contemporary media ecosystems and their implications on society. I study the concepts of persuasive messages and their effects on the news. Particularly I look at how individuals and groups choose to assimilate and accept information as true or false. I ask questions like, “What makes one believe and trust in one kind of information over the other? How do news organizations monetize attention in the digital world? To what extent are people with strong cultural backgrounds or in echo chambers susceptible to the effects of the media? Most of these issues are measured quantitatively (I am inclined to digital methodologies, Big Data analyses, Network analysis, Natural Language Processes (NLP), and Machine Learning) while leveraging media effects theories such as Framing, agenda-setting, and the Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion (ELMP). I also use advanced Network analysis and Network agenda-setting to determine the strength of weak ties and attributes.


  • 2021–present
    Assistant Professor, California State University - San Bernardino


  • 2020 
    University of Colorado - Boulder, Media Research and Practice


  • 2022
    Community Gatekeeping: Understanding Information Dissemination by Journalists in Sub-Saharan Africa, Journalism Practice
  • 2021
    Data Journalism Practice in Sub-Saharan African Media Systems: A Cross-National Survey of Journalists’ Perceptions in Zambia and Tanzania, African Journalism Studies
  • 2021
    "Who is Responsible for Stopping the Spread of Misinformation? Examining Audience Perceptions of Responsibilities and Responses in Six Sub-Saharan African Countries.", Digital Journalism
  • 2021
    Motivations for Sharing Misinformation: A Comparative Study in Six Sub-Saharan African Countries, International Journal of Communication
  • 2021
    Media Campaign Strategies in Communicating HIV/AIDS in Zambia: Comparing Risk and Crisis Communication Strategies in Mitigating Behavior Change Among Sex Workers, International Journal of Communication