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Guillaume Latombe

Lecturer in Environmental Change Biology, The University of Edinburgh

I am a Lecturer in Environmental Change Biology in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Edinburgh. I am an ecologist and a modeller, and my work is mostly in invasion science, macro-ecology and community ecology.

I was previously a postdoctorate research fellow at the University of Vienna in the Bioinvasions group and the CVL division, where I was working on the AlienScenarios project, and to which I am still collaborating. This exciting project will, for the first time, evaluate the range of plausible futures of biological invasions for the 21st century at different spatial scales and for a range of taxonomic groups. It will combine the strategic forward-looking methodology of scenario planning with advanced modelling approaches to construct plausible global mid-term (2050) and long-term (2100) futures of biological invasions and their impacts.

I was also previously affiliated with the Stellenbosch Biomathematics Group and the Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology at Stellenbosch University, and with the McGeoch Research Group at Monash University.


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    Lecturer in Environmental Change Biology , The University of Edinburgh