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Hank C. Jenkins-Smith

Professor of political science, University of Oklahoma

Hank C. Jenkins-Smith is George Lynn Cross Research Professor in the political science department at the University of Oklahoma, and serves as Co-Director of the National Institute for Risk and Resilience. He earned his PhD in political science and public policy from the University of Rochester (1985). He has been a policy analyst for the US Department of Energy, and held faculty positions at Southern Methodist University, the University of New Mexico, and Texas A&M University and (currently) the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Jenkins-Smith has published books, articles, and reports on public policy processes, risk perception, national security, weather, and energy, and environmental policy. He has served on National Research Council committees focused on policies to transport spent nuclear fuel and dispose of chemical weapons, and as an elected member of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement.


George Lynn Cross Research Professor