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I am an ARC DECRA fellow working in the nanophotonics field.


  • –present
    PhD candidate, Swinburne University of Technology


  • 2012 
    Ocean University of China, Master Degree in Optical Engineering
  • 2010 
    Ocean University of China, Bachelor Degree in Physics


  • 2016
    On-chip noninterference angular momentum multiplexing of broadband light, Science
  • 2015
    Catenary optics for achromatic generation of perfect optical angular momentum, Science Advances
  • 2015
    Athermally photoreduced grapheme oxides for three-dimensional holographic images, Nature Communications
  • 2014
    Super-resolved pure-transverse focal fields with an enhanced energy density through focus of an azimuthally polarized first-order vortex beam, Optics Letters
  • 2014
    Polarization-multiplexed multifocal arrays by a π-phase-step-modulated azimuthally polarized beam, Optics Letters
  • 2014
    Three-dimensional parallel recording with a Debye diffraction-limited and aberration-free volumetric multifocal array, Optics Letters

Professional Memberships

  • Student member in Optical Society of America (OSA)