Harry Audus

Since completing his Master's degree in Transportation Engineering in 1973, Harry has gained wide experience in many aspects of transportation planning, traffic engineering, seaport planning and systems analysis.

He spent the early part of his career in England, working as a traffic engineer and transportation planner for large metropolitan authorities in London and Bristol. His work included the analysis, planning and design of transport facilities at the urban and regional (county) levels, and policy development and planning for strategic transportation plans.

In 1979, Harry left the UK and spent six months travelling through Europe, Egypt and Asia en route to Australia.

Harry continued his career from 1980 in Australia. He was commissioned to research and develop computer simulation models for analysing and planning shipping, landside transport, materials handling and storage operations at seaports trading in bulk materials, with special emphasis on coal exports. He also developed computer programs for terrain modelling, road design, and construction project and resource management. He also extended his experience in traffic engineering, road safety auditing and transportation planning.

From 2002 to 2006, Harry had senior and management roles in the Queensland government. His work involved a broad range of operational and strategic planning for public transport.

From 2006 to October 2016, Harry was a private consultant specialising in the strategic planning and design of public transport, active transport, access standards and the traffic aspects of urban planning projects, and pursuing his passion for achieving a healthy triple bottom line.

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