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Research Associate for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, University of York

Hendrik Baier is interested in artificial intelligence and games. On the one hand, Hendrik does “AI for games” – meaning that he hopes to bring new and advanced technology to the video games and interactive media industry. On the other hand, he does “games for AI” – meaning that he hopes to continue to push the state of the art in AI by using games and their specific challenges as testbeds, ramping up their difficulty to real-world problems requiring general-purpose human-level intelligence.

Hendrik received a PhD in AI from Maastricht University in 2015, focusing on improving decision-making AI for games – for one-player puzzle games, as well as classic two-player games such as Connect Four or Go. Currently, he is research associate for artificial intelligence and data analytics at Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York, where he leads collaborative projects that explore the integration of decision-making AI and machine learning for increasingly complex video games.


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    Research Associate for Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, University of York