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Holly Lawford-Smith

Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Sheffield

Dr Holly Lawford-Smith is interested in collective action problems and coordination problems, political decision-making and practical reasoning, state agency, climate change, non-ideal theory, ought implies can, political possibility, feasibility constraints, and in general questions about human psychological and cultural malleability, and how it affects the chances of political reform.

Selected Publications

Lawford-Smith, Holly. “Benefiting from Failures to Address Climate Change”, Journal of Applied Philosophy, forthcoming.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. 'Non-Ideal Accessibility', Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 16 (2013), 653-669.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. 'Understanding Political Feasibility', Journal of Political Philosophy 21/3 (2013), pp. 243-259.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. 'The Motivation Question: Arguments from Justice, and from Humanity', British Journal of Political Science 42 (2012), pp. 661-678.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. 'The Feasibility of Collectives' Action', Australasian Journal of Philosophy 90/3 (2012), pp. 453-467.

Lawford-Smith, Holly. 'Ideal Theory: A Reply to Valentini.' Journal of Political Philosophy (Vol. 18, No. 3, 2010, pp. 357-368).


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    Philosopher, University of Sheffield