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Hugh Spencer

Classical 1960's biology degree (botany/zoology) and post grad (UNE, ANU, Monash)
MSc , PHD neurophysiology Uni Manitoba
Post Doc (neurobiology) UC Irvine CA
Taught Neurophysiology/Animal Physiology (and Botany!) at Uni Wollongong
Involved with setting up (what is now) 2VOX FM community radio in Wollongong
Have always been involved with conservation issues -
Got fed up with the commercialisation of Universities - and set up the independent Cape Tribulation Tropical Research Station in 1988 (in time for World Heritage...)
Honorary Research Associate in Electrical Engineering at JCU Townsville (huh??) for 10 years - and supervised a PHD project on technologies for animal tracking.
Currently busy as hell with forest rehabilitation and dealing with volunteers, interns and students from all over the globe. Neva dull here!

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