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Hussam N. Mahmoud

George T. Abell Professor in Infrastructure and Director, Structural Laboratory, Colorado State University

Dr. Mahmoud's research emphasis is on the development of resilient communities through the assessment structural, social, and economic impacts under single and combined hazards. This is realized through evaluating structural response, developing new structural systems, and devising new genetic-based design methodologies. The tools employed in Dr. Mahmoud's research include advanced experimental, numerical, and analytical simulations and field studies.

In the area of Structural Engineering, Dr. Mahmoud's research program has two major thrusts with focus on developing both resilient and sustainable structural systems. The first thrust includes assessing structures under natural and man-made hazards including single, multi-, and cascading hazards. This is realized through the development of engineering performance-based systems under earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, fire, and blast loadings or the combination of such. The second major thrust utilizes his expertise in the field of fatigue and fracture and extreme hazards to merge both areas for the development of new low and ultra-low cycle fatigue models for the evaluation of structural components and systems subjected to high strain cycles. In addition, he is developing an approach for extending the models to include high thermal strain cycles. Various tools are utilized in Dr. Mahmoud’s research including innovative small and large-scale testing as well as advanced numerical and analytical simulations that incorporate stochastic methods for reliability-based assessment under extreme loading events.

Dr. Mahmoud is also currently conducting research in the field of bio- engineering with focus on mitigating risk of premature labor through probabilistic evaluation of cervix-uterus interaction on the system level.


  • –present
    Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director, Structural Laboratory, Colorado State University