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Reader in Geology, University of Manchester

I'm a geologist, and interested in all things geological. Mostly though, I’m interested in how sediment, including mineral grains, organic fragments and anthropogenic material (such as microplastic), is moved across Earth’s surface and where it ends up. My main focus is on deep-marine environments which are the ultimate sinks for much of this sediment.

My PhD (Leeds, 2007) was on submarine channel-levee systems which I investigated by doing fieldwork on the Rosario Formation in Mexico, and flume-tank modelling of turbidity currents. After a 3 yr post-doc on various sedimentological projects I worked as a research scientist with Equinor from 2010-2015.

I lead SedResQ, a resaerch group working on a range of topics broadly revolving around the transport of sediments from terrestrial environments to the coast and their transfer into deep-marine basins; a central theme is the linkage of gravity-driven sedimentological processes to the deposition of deep-marine sediments and their preservation in the stratigraphic record.

I am currently Editor-in Chief of the journal 'Sedimentology'.


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    Reader in Geology, University of Manchester