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Ignacio Peralta Maraver

Investigador postdoctoral, Universidad de Granada

I am an early career researcher in Ecology with special interest on the response of natural systems to the global change. It is facts that, within the actual framework of rapid global change, understanding the ecological processes may become a race against the clock in which environmental scientists have to deal with uncertainty. Thus, in order to acquire a better knowledge of ecosystems, and by extension a greater understanding of the complex processes of the natural world, modern ecology needs to be holistic, collaborative and interdisciplinary. Embracing this perspective, (1) my research included a wide range of study groups (prokaryotes, micro-, meio- and marofauna); (2) I conducted my research in close collaboration with interdisciplinary teams, coupling methodologies imported from hydrology, microbiology, biochemical engineering and community ecology; (3) I explored my research questions in a variety of ways ranging from highly controlled microcosm experimentation to a large-scale field survey; and (4) my conclusions are based on robust results generated by large sample sizes/ replication.


  • –present
    Investigador postdoctoral, Universidad de Granada


  • 2012 
    University of Granada, Ecology