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Imi Melissa Dencer-Brown

Lecturer in Blue Carbon, Edinburgh Napier University

Dr Amrit (Imi) Dencer-Brown is a marine biologist working predominantly in mangrove blue carbon research. She conducted her Masters research in Zanzibar in 2013 on mangrove ecosystems, through Bangor University.

In 2016, she obtained a Commonwealth Scholarship to study in New Zealand for her PhD. Her research was on the social ecology of mangrove ecosystems in the Manukau Harbour, Auckland. She returned to the UK and back to Edinburgh Napier, where she previously worked, in her new split role as both a researcher and lecturer.

Imi has been publishing in peer-reviewed journals in this field since 2014. Her current work is on the NERC-funded Local Roots and Global Branches project, where she is working with an international team on supporting local communities integrate blue carbon projects for NDC submissions.

Imi also guest lectures for the School of Science and supports the BAME community in various University-led initiatives. In addition, she supports and works with postgraduate research students and early career researchers.