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Professor of Psychology and Mental Health, Newcastle University

Jacqui Rodgers is Professor of Psychology Mental Health and an autism researcher based in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, UK. Her work focuses on trying to understand the relationships between characteristics of autism (such as sensory issues and restricted and repetitive behaviours) and co-occurring mental health conditions. She has a particular interest in anxiety and suicide in autism. She is really keen to ensure that clinical services have good assessment methods available to them to identify when autistic people are experiencing mental health difficulties and to evaluate interventions and with colleagues has developed the first anxiety and suicidality questionnaires specifically designed and validated for autistic children and adults. She is also involved in the development and evaluation of a range of mental health focused interventions for autistic children and adults. Some of this work focused on how autistic people respond to uncertainty. All of the work she is involved is undertaken in collaboration with members of the autism community and she feels passionately that co-production is essential for us to be able to truly understand the experiences of autistic people.


  • 2000–present
    Professor, Newcastle University