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James Hungo Kimotho

Head of Department, Production, Kenya Medical Research Institute

2010 – 2016
Doctor of Philosophy (Molecular Medicine) – Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and
Thesis “Development of ELISA and lateral flow test kits for Human Immunodeficiency Virus guided by the prevailing consensus sequence of HIV Env gene in Kenya”

2007 – 2009 Master of Science (Molecular Medicine) – Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and

Major Career
Thesis “Development of an ELISA kit for detection of HBsAg in plasma or serum based on polyclonal antibodies produced by KEMRI, Kenya.
1987–1991 University of Nairobi  Bachelor of Pharmacy
 Have developed major products
- Betaquine tablets, antimalarial
- Kemcom HIV 1 & 2 Immunochromatographic Rapid test kit
- Hepcell HBV Immunochromatographic Rapid test kit
- HBV ELISA Kit (Currently under development


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  • –present
    Head of Department, Production , Kenya Medical Research Institute