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Professor of Clinical Neuropathology, The University of Edinburgh

James Ironside is Professor of Clinical Neuropathology in the University of Edinburgh and an Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist at the Lothian Health University Hospital and Tayside Health University Hospital in Scotland.

He is a leading expert on CJD and other spongiform encephalopathies – brain diseases believed to be caused by prions. Ironside is a member of the national CJD Surveillance Unit, which was set up to monitor the long-term consequences of the disease in the UK.

Ironside carried out the autopsies on some of the first victims of 'new variant' CJD (vCJD) associated with mad cow disease in the early 90s, and was the first to draw attention to the different pathologies evident in the brain.


  • –present
    Professor of Clinical Neuropathology, University of Edinburgh