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Professor of Law, University of Essex

Jane Wright is Professor of Law in the School of Law and Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex. She was Dean of the School of Law from 2001-04, Director of the Human Rights Centre from 2005-06, Head of the School of Law 2009-11 and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education 2011-14.

Her research interests focus principally on the relationship between the common law and the United Kingdom's obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights as effected in English law by the Human Rights Act 1998. She is author of Tort Law &Human Rights (Hart Publishing, 2001), currently working on a second edition, and co-author (with K.Stanton,P. Skidmore and M.Harris) of Statutory Torts (Sweet & Maxwell 2003. Recent articles include "A Damp Squib? The Impact of Section 6 HRA on the Common Law: Horizontal Effect and Beyond" [2014] PL 289 and "Retribution but No Recompense: A Critique of the Torturer's Immunity from Civil Suit 30 OJLS 143 (2010).

She has provided consultancy services to the Minority Rights Group, the European Commission, the Probation Service, and the Council of Europe, including the training of lawyers and academics in Russia and Albania on behalf of the latter. She has also been involved in the training of legal translators in key legal concepts and trainee probation officers on the subject of the Human Rights Act 1998.


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    Professor of Law, University of Essex