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PhD Candidate in Reproductive Medicine, Karolinska Institutet

I am a PhD student halfway through her studies. I have always been passionate about learning and obtaining as much knowledge as possible about everything. My studies in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences made me come in contact with research and have never left it afterwards. Now I have been able to combine my passion for research and my eagerness to understand more about female fertility in my PhD education. Everyday I am learning more and more about human ovaries. The focus of my project specifically is child ovaries. Unfortunately, young girls who are diagnosed with certain cancers, might lose their fertility. My aim is to, through my research, increase knowledge about young ovaries and with this, help in the development of fertility preservation options for young patients. Furthermore we're also aiming to set up a fertility preservation network in Sweden called Sveafertil.

Besides my passion for research I love to dance (latin ballroom), bake, cook and work-out to blow of steam. I think all of my hobbies help me both in my career and personally by bettering my problem-solving, social skills and precision.


  • 2019–present
    PhD student, Karolinska Institute
  • 2019–2019
    Research associate , Karolinska Institute


  • 2019 
    Leiden University, MSc in Biopharmaceutical sciences
  • 2016 
    Leiden University, BSc in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences


  • 2021
    Fertility Preservation for Prepubertal Patients at Risk of Infertility: Present Status and Future Perspectives, Hormone Research in Paediatrics
  • 2021
    Persistent organic pollutants and the size of ovarian reserve in reproductive-aged women, Environment International