Professor: Radiology, Physiology and Pharmacology, Clinical Neuroscience. Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute, University of Calgary

I now run an experimental imaging laboratory at the University of Calgary based around MRI and optical imaging methods. Most applications are focused on brain and spinal cord disease such as MS, concussion, stroke and cancer.

I began as a biochemist/physiologist at UBC and St. Andrews University studying fish to learn how organs like the brain respond to low oxygen (hypoxia) and low temperature. I moved into MRI imaging development while spending 5 years at Oxford. An underlying tread in my research is the study of how the brain responds to changes in oxygen levels and hypoxia, which has a huge medical impact and relates to the basic physiology of how the brain works. As an imaging scientist, I have also been involved with studies of cartilage and knee MRI as well as MRI development. We currently have projects in concussion imaging, brain cancer treatment with immunotherapy, reducing brain atrophy and the role of hypoxia in MS, and developing new technologies for studying brain function and physiology.


  • –present
    Professor: Radiology, Physiology and Pharmacology, Clinical Neuroscience, University of Calgary


  • 1985 
    University of British Columbia, PhD