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Jennifer Wollock

Professor of English, Texas A&M University

Jennifer Wollock, literary historian, daughter of a World War II Navy veteran who served on the Missouri, studies the intrepid men and women of the Middle Ages who invented chivalry and courtly love, and first conceived many of today’s ideals of human rights. Her work centers on Chaucer and Sir Thomas Malory, a squire and a knight, combative writers whose military experience shaped their thought, and ours. She is a full professor of English at Texas A&M University, where she has taught since 1982, and where her students’ own traditions of national service (both diplomatic, as in the Bush School of Government and Public Service, and military, as in the TAMU Corps of Cadets, complete with its Parsons Mounted Cavalry Unit) connect to this legacy.


  • –present
    Professor of English, Texas A&M University
  • 1981–1982
    Lecturer, Harvard University


  • 1981 
    Harvard University, Ph.D. English and American Literature and Language
  • 1976 
    Harvard University, M. A. English and American Literature and Language
  • 1975 
    University of Toronto, M. A. Medieval Studies
  • 1974 
    Radcliffe College, B. A. Magna cum laude Medieval History and Literature


  • 2019
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  • 2018
    "Pariz un'Viene Reconsidered" in Booldly bot Meekly: Essays on the Theory and Practice of Translation in the Middle Ages in Honour of Roger Ellis (Medieval Translator 14) ed. Catherine Batt and René Tixier: , Brepols
  • 2018
    "Middle Yiddish and Chaucer's English Considered as Fusion Languages," in Leeds Studies in English, 121-33, University of Leeds
  • 2017
    "Courtly Love" In The Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature in Britain, Wiley
  • 2011
    Rethinking Chivalry and Courtly Love, Praeger
  • 2007
    "Medieval England and Iberia: A Chivalric Relationship" in England and Iberia in the Middle Ages, ed. Maria Bullon-Fernandez: 11-28, Springer
  • 2001
    "Dedichotimizing Discourse: Three Gorges, Two Cultures, One Nature," in Negotiating Culture and Human Rights, ed. Lynda S. Bell, Andrew J. Nathan, and Ilan Peleg: 369-82, Columbia University Press
  • 1998
    Chivalry and Exploration, 1298-1630, The Boydell Press
  • 1987
    Malory and Caxton's Prose Romances of 1485, Garland
  • 1983
    "Chaucer's "Squire's Tale" and the Rise of Chivalry," Studies in the Age of Chaucer 5(1983): 127-136, The New Chaucer Society

Professional Memberships

  • Modern Language Association