Jenny K Rodriguez

Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies, University of Manchester

Jenny Rodriguez is Senior Lecturer in Employment Studies at the Human Resource Management, Employment Studies & Law Subject Area Group at Alliance Manchester Business School. Prior to joining Manchester, she worked at the Dept of HRM at the University of Strathclyde Business School and at Newcastle University Business School. Dr Rodriguez's research focuses on intersectional inequality in work and organisations, and the interplay between identity, work and regulation. She is particularly interested in the transnational experiences of skilled migrant women.

Dr Rodriguez is Associate Head of Social Responsibility & Civic Engagement in the People, Management and Organizations (PMO) Division at Alliance Manchester Business School.

She is also involved in scholar activism as founding member of the Decolonizing Alliance, an international community committed to intellectual and practical collaboration, translation, active solidarity and resistance to tackle intersectional inequalities and neo-colonial power relations faced by people of colour in the Global South and the Global North.