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Postdoctoral research fellow, Clemson University

I am conservation biologist and conservation planner that studies how wildlife populations, wildlife communities, and environmental landscape structure are influenced by human global change. I am interested in creating collaborative partnerships that lead to actionable conservation for wildlife and large landscapes. My research interests span across many taxa and analytical methods with concentrations in the occupancy and connectivity of birds and mammals. I am primarily concerned with how my research can be used to advance the conservation of imperiled species and habitats; thus, I engage with interdisciplinary teams to develop systematic conservation plans that balance competing conservation and land use interests. Currently, I am working with the Tigers United University Consortium to study ways of reducing human-tiger conflict in India by using a new artificial intelligence camera trap system. In addition, I serve on the U.S. Biosphere Reserve Working Group.


  • 2022–2022
    Postdoctoral research fellow, Clemson University
  • 2017–2021
    PhD Graduate Researcher, Clemson University
  • 2016–2018
    Project Coordinator, Wildlife Conservation Society


Udall Scholar