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Research Fellow, Harry Butler Institute, Murdoch University

Dr Jess Marsh is an early career researcher with a strong interest and passion for invertebrates, specifically the arachnids. She has collated a private collection of >5000 Kangaroo Island spiders, which is regularly added to and which forms the basis for taxonomic and ecological research of Kangaroo Island spiders.

Dr Marsh is Research Fellow with Murdoch University and honorary research associate with the South Australian Museum. Her current research projects include ABRS funded positions on the taxonomy and systematics of tube-web spiders (Segestriidae) in Tasmania and in South Australia and Victoria.

Dr Marsh has a strong interest and background in invertebrate conservation and fire ecology, the subject of her PhD and subsequent research projects. She has worked in various roles relating to invertebrate ecology and taxonomy and these have given her a broad range of experience from multiple disciplines, with positions focussing on invertebrate ecology, conservation and taxonomy.

Although Dr Marsh's primary focus is the arachnids, she has extensive experience with a range of terrestrial and aquatic invertebrate taxa.


  • 2002–present
    Research Fellow, Murdoch University
  • –present
    Researcher, South Australian Museum