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Jessica J Williams

PhD Candidate in Conservation Science, UCL

I am a conservation biologist. My PhD explores how climate in the past and present modifies the effects of changing land use on biodiversity, using existing databases and statistical models. Furthermore, I will investigate how the interaction between changing climate and land use alters current predictions of how biodiversity will respond to land use in the future.

The findings of this study will inform, with an aim to improve, management and conservation strategies at a global scale.

I also work with Conservation Conversation, where we use stories, interviews and articles to inform people about the world’s biggest conservation issues, inspire action and create an online community that develops solutions to these problems. Further to this, I am a STEM Ambassador and thoroughly enjoy organising and getting involved with outreach activities.


  • 2017–2021
    PhD Student, University College London (UCL)


  • 2016 
    Imperial College London, MSc Conservation Science
  • 2014 
    University of Exeter, BSc (Hons) Biology and Animal Behaviour


  • 2020
    Using environmental niche modelling to investigate the importance of ambient temperature in human-crocodilian attack occurrence for two species of crocodilian., Oryx
  • 2020
    Tropical and Mediterranean biodiversity is disproportionately sensitive to land-use and climate change., Nature Ecology & Evolution.
  • 2020
    Mobile marine predators: an understudied source of nutrients to coral reefs in an unfished atoll., Proceedings of the Royal Society B
  • 2020
    Local climatic changes affect biodiversity responses to land use: A review., Diversity and Distributions
  • 2020
    Human-dominated land uses favour species affiliated with more extreme climates, especially in the tropics, Ecography
  • 2019
    Climate and land-use change homogenise terrestrial biodiversity, with consequences for ecosystem functioning and human well-being., Emerging Topics in Life Sciences

Professional Memberships

  • British Ecological Society