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Senior lecturer in Education, Lancaster University

I teach the Research Methods element of our online, part-time PhD Programme in Education and Social Justice (with Research Methods Teaching on the other Doctoral programmes).

I have the Research Students Tutor role in the Educational Research department, monitoring progress of our ‘traditional route’ PhDs.

Research Interests

My particular interest concerns how aspects of identity, such as gender, affect learning processes throughout.

Currently I am concerned with debates about staff gender issues in primary and early years' education drawing on theories of masculinities. This interest draws together research with male teachers in early years' educational settings and research on the identities of fathers.

I am collaborating with colleagues within an international network of gender researchers (funded by the Swedish Research Council) and we are writing a book Men, Masculinities and Teaching in Early Childhood Education; International perspectives and a special issue of the international journal Gender and Education on Gender, Teaching and Care.

I have recently completed a qualitative longitudinal study of a sample of school pupils from the ages of three to seventeen. The focus of this research is on how these young people construct a sense of self and how this has changed during their school careers. Findings have been produced as a book, Stories of Self: tracking children's identity and wellbeing through the school years, published by Trentham, together with several journal articles.


  • 2005–2016
    Senior lecturer, Lancaster University