John Hatzistergos

Adjunct Professor, School of Law, University of Technology Sydney

Hon John Hatzistergos came to UTS as an adjunct professor in 2011, shortly after stepping down as Attorney General for NSW since 2007, having held other key ministerial positions in NSW Parliament up to that time. He had previously been a Barrister since 1989 and a Senior Legal Officer with Commonwealth DPP 1987 - 1989. Mr Hatzistergos is known for his sponsorship of equal opportunity for women and along with many policy changes in law and order, during his term as Attorney-General of NSW recidivism was reduced, and in the social policy area he was closely involved with legislation in areas such as same-sex adoption and surrogacy. He teaches in Constitution Law in the compulsory core of the UTS law degree. Photo credit: AAP Image/Alan Porritt