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John Maindonald

Following a first in Mathematics at Auckland University and a variety of teaching and lecturing positions, John Maindonald settled down to working with other researchers as a quantitative problem solver. For 18 years prior to his move from New Zealand to Australia in 1996, he worked with scientists at Mount Albert Research Centre in Auckland NZ. The major part of this work was in plant, fruit and pest research, with industrial consulting as a sideline. A short intermission at the University of Newcastle gave him a mentally engaging experience of medical statistics. He took up a position at The Australian National University (ANU) in 1998.  At ANU he has relished the stimulus of working with biologists, ecologists, epidemiologists, public health researchers, molecular biologists, demographers, computer scientists, numerical analysts, machine learners, an economic historian, forensic linguists, and a lively group of statisticians. He is the author of a book on Statistical Computation.  He the senior author of "Data Analysis and Graphics Using R" (3rd edn, CUP 2010) ― an example-based exposition of practical approaches to data analysis that has sold more than 10,000 copies. Now in semi-retirement, he engages in occasional teaching and consulting, and fronts workshops on the open source R system that is designed for scientific and statistical applications and for graphics.

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