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Professor of Marine Zoology, University of Plymouth

I am Professor of Marine Zoology at the University of Plymouth UK. I have published numerous academic books (Biodiversity, The Invertebrates, Physiological Diversity) and the popular book Biodiversity: A beginners guide (now in its 2nd edition) and about 200 scientific papers in the peer-reviewed international literature. My research concerns the effect of environmental change on how marine animals work, specifically the biological effects of ocean acidification, low oxygen and elevated temperatures in our Ocean.
I have sat on numerous scientific and educational committees, but my passion is the public understanding of science. As well as giving public lectures and talks all over the world, I love being involved in Science: Art collaborations such as acting as scientific consultant to The Big Read, The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner project (as well as delivering one of the poetry readings from Coleridge's cottage!) and am passionate about helping folk think through how science (particularly biology) and faith interact.


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    Professor of Marine Zoology, University of Plymouth