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Associate Vice President (Interdisciplinary Research) and Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Genetics, University of Southampton

Professor John Holloway is Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Genetics in the Faculty of Medicine and also Associate Vice-President (interdisciplinary Research) at the University of Southampton.

John Holloway graduated with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from Otago University, New Zealand in 1992. He undertook research based at both the University of Southampton and the Malaghan Institute (Wellington, New Zealand) into the genetic basis of asthma graduating with a Ph.D. from Otago University in 1997. In 1997 Professor Holloway returned to Southampton and together with Professor Stephen Holgate continued his research into the genetic basis of allergies and asthma. He now heads the Respiratory Genetics Group, based in the School of Human Development and Health in the Faculty of Medicine, undertaking research into the early life origins of asthma and other allergic and respiratory conditions with a particular focus on the interaction between the environment in early life and genetic and epigenetic factors in determining susceptibility.


  • –present
    Professor, University of Southampton