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Jonathan S. Coley

Associate Professor of Sociology, Oklahoma State University

Jonathan S. Coley is Associate Professor of Sociology at Oklahoma State University and Deputy Editor of The Sociological Quarterly. He completed his PhD in sociology at Vanderbilt University in 2016.

Dr. Coley's research focuses on social movements, politics, religion, education, gender and sexuality, and race and ethnicity. His current research projects examine LGBTQ activism at Christian colleges and universities, student groups at U.S. colleges and universities, LGBTQ faith leaders in the United States, and local-level church-state relations in the United States.

Dr. Coley's first book, Gay on God’s Campus: Mobilizing for LGBT Equality at Christian Colleges and Universities, was published by The University of North Carolina Press and received the 2018 Distinguished Book Award from the Mid-South Sociological Association. His research has also been published in journals such as American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Sociological Forum, Mobilization, Sociology of Religion, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, and Sociology of Education.

His research has been funded by the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, the Association for the Sociology of Religion, the Louisville Institute, and the Public Religion Research Institute.


  • 2018–present
    Assistant Professor of Sociology, Oklahoma State University
  • 2016–2018
    Assistant Professor of Sociology, Monmouth College