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Assistant professor, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, McGill University

Jordan Koch is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at McGill University. His research highlights the social and historical dimensions of sport, physical education, and health promotion in both rural First Nations and urban Indigenous contexts.

Select Publications:
McKegney, S., Henry, B., Koch, J., & Rathwell, M. (In Press). Manufacturing compliance with anti-Indigenous racism in Canadian hockey: The case of Beardy’s Blackhawks. Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal.

Scherer, J., Davidson, J., Kafara, R., & Koch, J. (2020). Negotiating the new urban sporting territory: Edmonton’s Ice District. Sociology of Sport Journal.

Koch, J., Scherer, J., & Kafara, R. (2020). Structural inequality, homelessness, and moral worth: Salvaging the self through sport? Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 49(6), 806-831.

Koch, J., Scherer, J., & Holt, N. (2018). Slap shot! Sport, masculinities, and homelessness in the downtown core of a divided western Canadian inner city. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 42(4), 270-294.

Koch, J., & Scherer, J. (2016). Redd alert! (Re)Articulating Aboriginal gang violence in western Canada. aboriginal policy studies, 6(1), 34-62.

Scherer, J., Koch, J., & Holt, N. (2016). The uses of an inner-city sport-for-development program: Dispatches from the (real) creative class. Sociology of Sport Journal, 33(3), 185-198.

Holt, N., Scherer, J., & Koch, J. (2015). Using masculine capital to understand the role of sport programs in the lives of men from a Western Canadian inner city. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 37, 523-533.

Koch, J., Scherer, J., & Holt, N. (2015). Urban outcasts, disposable bodies, and embodied research in a Western Canadian ‘arriviste’ city. Cultural Studies  Critical Methodologies, 15(1), 32-44.

Holt, N., Scherer, J., & Koch, J. (2013). An ethnographic study of issues surrounding the provision of sport opportunities to young men from a western Canadian inner-city. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 14, 538-548.

Koch, J., & Brown, D. (2011). Ringleaders: Olympic athletes who donned, inked, and embodied the Olympic logo in the Cold War. Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies, 20, 1-30.

Scherer, J., & Koch, J. (2010). Living with war: Sport, citizenship, and the cultural politics of post-9/11 Canadian identity. Sociology of Sport Journal, 27(1), 1-29.