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Postdoctoral Researcher in Earth Sciences, Instituto de Geociencias de Barcelona (Geo3Bcn – CSIC)

I am a Spanish researcher at Geosciences Barcelona, CSIC. I hold a primary degree in geology, a master’s degree in geophysics and a doctorate in earth sciences from the University of Barcelona.

My research interests focus on the geological characterisation of the subsurface by means of geophysical methods, chiefly seismic methods, well-log and potential field data. I use these methods to study of depth, extension and integrity of the subsurface structures, with a focus on Geoenergy and mineral resource exploration.
Parallel research interests include short-to-long term security performance of geological reservoirs for carbon-dioxide capture and geological storage (CCS) risk assessment and monitoring, and study of the impact of uncertainty in the interpretation of geological data.


  • 2017–present
    Associate research scientist, Geosciences Barcelona, CSIC