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Juan Gómez Salgado

Profesor de Salud Laboral del Departamento de Sociología, Trabajo Social y Salud Pública, Universidad de Huelva

PhD from the University of Huelva. MPhil in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Specialist in Occupational Health Nursing and Mental Health Nursing. Master’s in Nursing Sciences, Emergencies, Occupational Health and Safety, Management, E-learning Training, University Teaching and Health Promotion. Training in Case Management by the Ansalusian School of Public Health. He developed his work in the Training, Research and Quality Unit of the Condado-Campiña Health District and Huelva Costa District (2010-2015), combining this with his teaching work for the Nursing and Environmental Biology and Public Health Departments of the University of Huelva, as well as with the External Assessment of Centres and Training for the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality. At university level, both at the Balearic Islands University (UIB) and the University of Huelva (UHU), he has taught the Bachelor’s Degree in Research Methodology, Public Health, Community Nursing, and Mental Health Nursing. As for postgraduate teaching, at the universities of Seville (US) and Huelva (UHU), he has taught subjects related to Environmental Emergencies, Health Surveillance, Scientific Writing, and more. At present, he complements his teaching work with academic management tasks as the Deputy Director of the Master’s Degree in Health Sciences Research Methodology of the UHU and of the Daster’s Degree in Autoimmune Diseases. As editor, he has published more than a hundred books and many articles related to healthcare practices based on evidences, community assistance, mental health, occupational health, public health, and immigration and health. He has taken part in many national and international conferences. He is a member of the editorial committees of Tesela, Evidentia and Ingeniería Industrial journals. As an international advisor, he has worked for the Ministry of Health of El Salvador and the National Nursing Association of El Salvador, as well as a research expert professor for the University of Cordoba (Argentina) and as centres’ assessor for the Ministry of Health of Portugal and the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality. As a technical advisor, he develops his work for the Andalusian Laboratory-Observatory for Occupational Diseases of the Government of Andalusia. He was awarded first prize in the 9th Nursing Research Contest “Ciudad de Huelva” in 2003 and the 2013 Primitivo Lázaro Award for Social Volunteering. He belongs to the CTS 447 Occupational Health and Safety Research Group since 2002, with which he has participated in 3 research projects funded by the Health Research Fund (FIS). At present, he is a member of the Research Ethics Committee of Huelva since 2011. He was accredited in the Professional Competence Programme with the maximum level (Excellence) by the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality in 2014. In 2015, he started his career as an editor for the Enfermería Clínical scientific journal, as a reviewer for international journals listed in JCR, and as a professor at the Universidade Atlântica de Lisboa and director of the Higher School of Healthcare of the same university. He has recently been awarded the 11th Research Contest “Ciudad de Huelva” first prize. He has been accredited by the Andalusian Agency for Knowledge and by ANECA in all the teaching roles as university professor: lecturer, lecturer with clinical responsibilities, assistant lecturer, and private university professor. At present, after getting his place as full-time professor at the University of Huelva in 2016, he has been combining his teaching and research work with the post of Vice-Dean for Quality, Research and Infrastructure for the Nursing School of the same university until September 2018. Finally, as for academic distinctions, he was awarded the Doctoral Thesis Prize and the Teaching Award of Excellence of the university. He has edited more than a hundred guidelines on healthcare specialties and published 128 articles in indexed journals, being 92 of them of high impact, listed in JCR (Q1s and Q2s).


  • –present
    Profesor de Salud Laboral del Departamento de Sociología, Trabajo Social y Salud Pública, Universidad de Huelva


  • 2014 
    Universidad de Huelva, Doctorado en Salud Pública