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Justin D. Stewart

PhD Candidate in Evolutionary Biology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

I am an Ecologist and Evolutionary Biologist studying microbiomes, plants, fungi, and geography. Currently I am PhD Candidate in the Toby Kiers Lab at Vrije Universitet in Amsterdam working on crop domestication's impacts on root architecture and microbiome assembly. Previously I researched the atmospheric microbiome and urban structure during my MSc at Villanova University. I specialize in statistical modeling, spatial analyses, and community ecology with an emphasis on bacteria and fungi.

As the Diversity Representative for the Ecological Society of America’s Microbial Ecology Section I strive to make science diverse, inclusive, and justice oriented. In my spare time I like to read, cook, dance, and make jokes on twitter.


  • 2020–2021
    PhD Candidate, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam