Kathleen Quinlivan

Senior Lecturer, College of Education, University of Canterbury

Dr Quinlivan is a Senior Lecturer in the College of Education, at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She researches sexuality education within and across a range of secondary school and informal educational sites, and is particularly interested in the conditions of transformational learning related to genders, sexualities and differences with young people. Dr Quinlivan has published widely in the area of sexualities, genders and schooling. She is a co-editor of (2014) The Politics of Pleasure in Sexuality Education: Pleasure Bound and is the lead editor of a book published in 2009 by Sense Publishers entitled Educational Enactments in a Globalised World: Intercultural Conversations. Dr Quinlivan is currently working on two research projects. She is a co-investigator on an Australian Research Council funded project: Sexuality Education in Australia and New Zealand; Responding to Cultural and Religious Difference. Dr Quinlivan is also the principal investigator of a New Zealand Aids Foundation funded project: Diversity Groups as Sites of Learning in New Zealand Secondary Schools. Dr Quinlivan lectures in the fields of critical sexuality studies, critical curriculum studies and teacher subjectivities.