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Assistant Lecturer in Moral Responsibility and Political Theory, University College Cork

My expertise is in value theory, the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, political theory and philosophy of education.

I publish in the area of human character and values (in particular hope), education and inclusion. The focus of my published (and forthcoming) work is on the overlap between autonomy and finite, vulnerable human agency. Part of my research project is to defend Kantian philosophy from the objection of 'cold-hearted rationalism'. Instead, Kantianism has the resources to account for the various ways vulnerable human beings seek autonomy in an uncertain world. In my research, hope functions as an enabler; helping us towards goals we hold valuable. My research also examines inclusion. In particular, inclusion in the the context of neurodiversity and gender.

My PhD research (the London School of Economics) examined the idea of connection we hold to all others, regardless of whether they share with us nationality/citizenship etc. This research proposed a Kantian idea of moral agency as a framework for understanding how we are connected as human beings.

At UCC, I lecture on topics including moral responsibility and political theory. Prior to my work at UCC, I held a research fellowship at the University of Birmingham, where I researched character education.

I also work outside academia. At The Mizen Group, I advise on issues like the overlap of ethics and compliance, and how culture can support employees to make decisions and act in a way that is consistent with compliance and ethically appropriate.


  • –present
    Assistant Lecturer in Moral Responsibility and Political Theory; and Senior Associate at The Mizen Group, University College Cork


  • 2012 
    The London School of Economics, PhD