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Senior Researcher, University of Cape Town

Dr. Katye Altieri’s general research interests at ERC include air pollution, climate change, energy and development. Katye completed a PhD with a focus on atmospheric chemistry at Rutgers University, and a Masters in Public Policy with a focus on development and energy at Princeton University. Before joining ERC, Katye was an Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University and a U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate and Global Change Fellow. She also spent one year as a Visiting Research Fellow at Brown University within the Environmental Change Initiative.

Katye is offering her expertise on the ACDI Steering committee. Her research interests in the broad area of climate change and sustainable development focus on low-carbon developmental pathways, and the relationship between climate change, air pollution, energy production and human health. Recent work includes understanding the potential air pollutant emissions from the development of unconventional natural gas resources in the Karoo, the air quality co-benefits of South African climate change policies, and the health benefits of improved access to clean energy. In addition, work on the international Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project focused on achieving development and mitigation objectives through decarbonization development pathways in South Africa. She is also interested in developing air pollution reduction and climate change mitigation strategies to incentivize economic development along low-carbon energy pathways in South Africa.


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    Group leader: Energy, environment and climate change, University of Cape Town