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Head of Research & Collections, Natural History Museum Aarhus

Kent Olsen is Head of the Research & Collections Department of the Natural History Museum Aarhus. His current research focuses on the effects of global change and climate change on populations, in particular changes in species diversity, distribution patterns, and life history of selected groups of terrestrial and aquatic arthropods. He focuses on using museum collections in modern biodiversity research. Besides his research, he has extensive experience with monitoring of insects, mammals, and birds. He has been involved in monitoring wolves in Denmark since 2012, and since 2017 been responsible for the national wolf monitoring program, and he provides advisory on wolf management issues for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Kent did his MSc on breeding success and site fidelity in Northern Lapwing (2009) at Aarhus and was employed as a research assistant (2009-2010) and curator (2010-2013) at the Natural History Museum Aarhus. He did his PhD at Aarhus University in association with the Natural History Museum Aarhus working on European dragonflies (2016). Kent has worked as Head of the Research Department at the museum in parallel with his PhD studies, which ended in May 2016. He has since been employed as Head of the Research & Collections and as a research scientist at the Natural History Museum Aarhus.