Kevin Cox

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Kevin has over 35 years’ experience in giving individuals access to their online data. He coauthored, with David Walker, one of the first texts on User Interface Design. This ultimately lead to the founding of White Label Personal Clouds, also known as Welcomer, in 2013. Welcomer links data held in data silos by other entities. The system links data including personal data.

Access to the network of linked data for an entity is only with permitted applications. Each entity has their own network and each requires permissions for their own data. Each entity network plus a permitted application creates an autonomous agent. Each agent is independent but interlinked with other autonomous agents.

The network of autonomous agents provides a way for them to act together for a common purpose. This framework for entity cooperation leads to efficient implementation of distributed applications.

Examples of application areas that all use the same underlying structure are:
Personal identities
Distributed Ledgers
Distributed Zero cost Money
Social Networks controlled by individuals

The systems created with Welcomer networks are efficient because all the entities are autonomous. Also the use of common data for many applications is efficient.

Early indications are that these systems are efficient, secure, and robust. They handle changes in the environment and adapt to changing circumstances.