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A veteran teacher vitally concerned about kids' physique and total health: physical, mental, social/moral/ecological, financial and spiritual.

And the need to promote more informed enthusiasm for Maths. and Science.

Convinced that village/community-wide exercises in compassion are the only way to change peoples' hearts and minds, through the emerging understanding of heartfulness, and the mind-heart work of Canadian Raffi Cavoukian through his Child Honoring campaign.

STILL trying to garner enough support to stage ..."AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HEALTH PREVENTIONS"..., this coming September, in spite of many obstacles, as a follow-up to, in part, to the recent magnificent report out of Canada, from the heart/stroke organisations --- "2107 OUR KIDS ARE NOT ALRIGHT"... .

With world, moral leaders presenting either in person or by some electronic alternative, e.g. DVD format. Sadly, there has been inadequate, local support over fifteen months and hundreds of hours of emailing !

Even from the schools.

And I continue to try to engage the 'minders' around the above leaders.

Any input of a positive nature would be very welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read this summary, Kevin.

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