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Research Associate, University of Oxford

it Double is a research associate at the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment. He completed his PhD in cognitive psychology at the University of Sydney in 2018, where he also completed his B. Psychology (Honours) in 2014. Kit also holds a B. Business from the University of Technology, Sydney.
Kit worked as a sessional lecturer and tutor at the University of Sydney. He has also previously worked on the development of intelligence tests with Psychological Assessments Australia and on the assessment of organisational psychology programs with several large industry partners.
Kit has extensive experience working with experimental and individual differences research in both psychology and education. Kit has also conducted several meta-analyses and is interested in quantitative research synthesis. Kit’s previous research has looked at aspects of metacognition including self-assessment and self-efficacy as well as classroom and computerised interventions for working memory impairment and dyslexia.
Kit is currently researching the development of self-assessment and its effect in the classroom as well as the role that self and peer assessment play in self-regulated learning. He is particularly interested in the personal and environmental characteristics that lead to effective self-assessment.

Research interests and areas for student supervision
Kit welcomes contact from students interested in researching the following areas:
• Metacognition
• Self-regulated learning
• Confidence/self-efficacy
• Self and peer assessment
• Computerised/classroom educational interventions

• Australian Postgraduate Award
• Campbell Perry Travel Award
• Psychfest Speaking Prize