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Professor and ARC Future Fellow, Griffith Criminology Institute, Griffith University

Kristina Murphy received her PhD in Psychology from the Australian National University. She joined Griffith University in 2011.
Kristina's research integrates psychological theory with regulatory theory, arguing that effective regulation depends on being responsive to individuals' needs, values and behaviours. Her major research interest centres around the concept of procedural justice; the idea that dealing with citizens in a procedurally fair and respectful manner will encourage cooperative behaviour and voluntary compliance with rules and decisions. She has undertaken this work in the policing, taxation, environmental, and social security contexts. She has found that authorities are more likely to encourage citizen cooperation, compliance and commitment to the law by appealing to citizens' morals and duty to obey. Her research finds that deterrence and sanctions for wrong-doing play relatively little role in motiving voluntary compliance behaviours.
Kristina is recognised both nationally and internationally for her research on procedural justice and compliance, and has been awarded numerous research grants to pursue her research in this area.


  • 2011–2020
    Professor of Criminology and Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Griffith University