Research Associate, Curtin University

Lance McMahon is a public policy consultant and is currently Principal of Policy Resolutions and a researcher at Curtin University. He also writes curriculum, teaches and assesses key units in the Policy Sciences Masters for Curtin Sarawak.

From 2004 to 2008 he served as a Principal Ministerial Policy Adviser in the Government of Western Australia and had worked in policy consulting with the governments in Australia and Asia prior to this. He has taught undergraduate, graduate and professional training courses in public administration, public policy, management and marketing in Perth, Singapore and Kuching and consumer behaviour in Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong and lectured on public management in the ANZSOG program.

Lance also worked as an academic with Australian College of Kuwait (2009-2010) and Curtin University (1986-2001) Principal Policy Consultant to Premier Dowding of Western Australia (1988-89) and Principal Private Secretary to Deputy Premier Bryce (1987-88). He has regularly maintained close links with policy specialists at state, federal and local levels and internationally.

He has 53 publications including book chapters, refereed journal articles and refereed conference papers. His recent research publications have been on strategic planning, marketing, policy sciences, bureaucratic reform, social marketing, co-branding and tourism marketing. He has also published on corporate accountability, theories of state activity, privatisation, ministerial advisory structures, interest group behaviour and immigration policy implications for the Australian export sector, for which he received extensive national media coverage.

Lance has previously provided a weekly commentary on policy related matters on radio, regular comment for local and national media, numerous public speaking engagements and served for six years WA editor of Public Administration Today.