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Professor of Particle Physics, University of Glasgow

I am a particle physicist and my main research interests are flavour physics and instrumentation for particle physics and related fields. My principal involvement is in the LHCb Experiment at CERN, but I have in the past been working on the ALTAS and DELPHI experiments at CERN and on R&D for future linear colliders. In the field of particle physics, I am interested in precision measurements and tests of the Standard Model of particle physics which in LHCb is done through the study of CP violation and rare decays. I am mainly active in two of LHCb's analysis working groups. The first is studying charmless B hadron decays, where I am involved in the measurement of B hadron lifetimes and time-dependent CP violation, and in searches for rare charmless baryonic decays. The second working group is studying charm hadrons, where I am involved in measurements of CP violation and searches for doubly-charmed baryons. In the field of instrumentation, my main interests are in silicon detectors, read-out electronics and detector systems. I have previously worked on the construction of the ATLAS silicon tracker and on the development of its upgrade. I have had a leading role in the Vertex Locator of the LHCb experiment from the R&D phase through construction and commissioning and am now involved in the operation the detector and in the design and construction of its upgrade. My research on detector related electronics have been mainly related to front-end electronics, control and DAQ systems, in particular systems with high data rates. I have also an interest in generic detector development and in applying technologies developed for particle physics to other fields, in academia or in industry.


  • 2020–present
    Professor of Physics, Uppsala University
  • 2018–2020
    Professor of Particle Physics, University of Glasgow
  • 2012–2017
    Reader of Particle Physics, University of Glasgow