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Lars Schuy

I have been a qualified teacher since 2005, working at local mainstream schools Varndean and PACA. Since 2017 I am working at a small independent college where I found my joy in teaching again - and try to share that with my tutees.

`But why do we need maths? I`m never going to use it.`

Maths is a bit like doing sports and being physically active when you’re young. Most people can agree that being fit is a good thing. Very few people make sports into their profession and earn money with it. Does that invalidate the usefulness of being fit in your teens? Or later? Of course not!

It is clear that MOST people do not need the maths that is taught in school and sixth forms. However, Maths (and to some extent Physics) teaches you abstract thinking, problem solving - things that most of us definitely need in our lives. A lot of our world is now abstract by default - just look at your mobile phone. The professional world is abstract. Maths will train your brain to think in an abstract way. That`s why maths is important. It keeps your brain fit.

Our mainstream schooling system is now almost entirely focussed on our kids passing GCSE exams. Of course exams are important - they serve as an entry ticket for new opportunities. Maths and English are entry requirements for almost every further course, but trying to pass exams doesn`t always help to build a love of learning.