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PhD Candidate, Western Sydney University

Ms Dodds is a public health practitioner with a background working on the frontline of both aged care and disability sectors. She has previously worked with a team of allied health professionals to deliver a range of programs to older adults living in residential aged care. These involved implementing effective pain management activities and encouraging the maintenance of physical health and wellbeing in high care, low care and dementia specific settings.

She is currently a Research Assistant working with the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development at Western Sydney. She is involved with several projects that aim to evaluate the impact of modifiable risk factors on cognition and wellbeing. She is also involved in projects that aim to evaluate the effect of public health campaigns on dementia awareness, motivation and sustained behaviour change. Miss Dodds is also undertaking a PhD in the areas of public health, disease prevention, intervention and health promotion. Her research focuses on implementing a behaviour change program that aims to increase dementia awareness and risk reduction amongst older adults in rural and regional communities.