Chercheuse en Neurosciences (PhD), neuroéthique, nutrition and microbiome. Chef de projet scientifique R&D., Université Paris-Saclay

I am working as a scientific R&D project manager in the fields of neurosciences, health and human physiology, digestive physiology, probiotics, microbiome, bioethics and neuroethics.
DU animale experimentation and clinical nutrition

Since September 2018: Scientific Project manager and leader of international research group on Ethical and Legal issues in Neurosciences and Neurotechnologies in collaboration with the Human Technology Foundation

Since the beginning of 2019, I have been working as a scientific R&D project manager in human physiology, nutrition, microbiome and neuroscience in international Biotechnology. This work involves the identification of new therapie related to the gut-microbiota and their testing in preclinical and clinical studies.

I hold a University Diploma (DU) in animal experimentation level 1 from the University of Paris Descartes and a future DU in nutrition that I will complete during the 2019 academic year at the University of Paris-Diderot

since the beginning of 2013, I am Rescuer/first aid of the "Ordre de Malte France". National civil security reserve.

Since the beginning of 2020, I have been involved in the mentoring programme within the "Women and Science" association of the University of Paris-Saclay. I am a member of the "French Society of Neurosciences", the FENS, the CORTICO association, and the International Society of Neuroethics.


  • 2020–present
    R&D scientific project manager, MaatPharma et université Paris Saclay
  • 2018–present
    scientific project manager, Human Technology Foundation
  • 2019–2019
    R&D scientific project manager, A-Mansia et université catholique de louvain (UCL)
  • 2018–2019
    PhD neurosciences, chercheur contractuel CNRS, NeuroPSI (institut neurosciences de paris saclay) et CNRS,
  • 2014–2017
    Postdoctoral research associate, Université Bar-Ilan, Faculté de médecine de Galilée, Israël
  • 2013–2014
    attaché temporaire d'enseignement et de recherche, Université Bourgogne-franche-comté


  • 2020 
    Université paris diderot , DU nutrition clinique
  • 2012 
    université paris-diderot, paris 7, PhD neurosciences et génétique
  • 2010 
    Université paris descartes, DU exp animale


  • 2018
    Dysbiosis of microbiome and probiotic treatment in a genetic model of autism spectrum disorders, Brain, Behavior, and Immunity Volume 73, October 2018, Pages 310-319

Professional Memberships

  • Association femmes et sciences (Paris Saclay)
  • Société française des neurosciences
  • FENS
  • Association de sécurité civile, secouriste de l'Ordre de Malte France,