Lauren Alex O' Hagan

Researcher in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University

I am currently a visiting researcher at Örebro University in Sweden in the Department of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences. I have a growing interest in the history of food advertising and packaging and have recently become a member of a European research group – FoodKom – that is exploring food communication from an interdisciplinary perspective.

In September 2018, I completed my PhD in Language and Communication at Cardiff University. My doctoral research explored class and social mobility in Edwardian book inscriptions using a multimodal ethnohistorical framework. I am keen to develop this research further by creating a digital archive of Edwardian book inscriptions with adequate metadata that is available for researchers and the public, and to develop tools for viewing individual inscriptions or categories of inscription from a large corpus.

I am also interested in ‘deviant’ (i.e. coin and stamp defacing) and alternative (i.e. Socialist Sunday schools, marching banners) inscriptive practices of the early 20th century, particularly concerning the working- and lower-middle classes. I am in the process of editing a book - Rebellious Writing: Marginalised Edwardians and the Struggle for Symbolic Power - which focuses on symbolic acts of resistance by marginalised groups in the early 20th century in Britain.

Alongside my research, I run B_Abel Linguistic Services - a company that offers translation, proofreading and EFL tutoring. I hold an MA in Applied Linguistics, BA Hons in Modern Language Studies and various professional qualifications in Spanish, Italian, French, German, BSL and EFL.


  • 2019–2019
    Visiting Professor, Örebro University
  • 2018–2018
    Research Assistant, Cardiff University
  • 2016–2017
    Postgraduate Tutor, Cardiff University