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Senior Lecturer in Finance, University of Brighton

Dr Haar is a Senior Lecturer in Finance with the University of Brighton School of Business and Law. Prior to academia, Dr Haar has been a Director and MD for Commodity Risk with major banks, Head of Valuation for the energy company RWE. He has also worked for the UK Financial Regulator as a Commodity Risk Specialist. He began his career with British Petroleum. He holds degrees from Brown University, New York University and the University of Surrey where he completed his PhD in 2000.

His research interests concern the application of Financial-Economic theory to the energy, petroleum and natural resource sectors. Adopting innovative approaches to perennial issues, he is interested in how regulatory policies impact the behaviour of market participants and the resulting impact on allocative efficiency. He relies exclusively upon public data as published by markets and their regulators. While some of his research involves advanced analytic methods and econometrics, he also utilises casual empiricism and theoretical insights to address contemporary policy matters, such as competition in retail electricity markets, the fiscal incidence of Renewable Energy support and the economic rationale for risk management activities.


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    Senior Lecturer in Finance, University of Brighton